What does it mean to always dream of being betrayed by a friend

Dreamsmeaning Book : Everyone may be selfish, and may betray friends and even relatives for their own benefit, but everyone is selfless and can sacrifice themselves for others. To be betrayed by a friend in a dream is a kind of distrust of a friend.

Women often dream of being betrayed by a friend, to exclude the reality that there are friends who have been cheated by business or who have not borrowed money to repay, or the reality that they have been deceived by friends. Rather than worrying about being betrayed by friends, it is more of distrust and guard against friends. The characteristic of this kind of woman is that she will demand absolute control over her lover, will be suspicious if something is wrong, and will easily give up. As for friends, you can only do it according to your own ideas. If you don't obey, you will naturally start to beware. Those who are not among friends are sorry. Generally speaking, this kind of woman doesn't want too many friends.

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