Dreams meaning Book dreaming of hunting butterflies

Dreaming of hunting down butterflies means that you will marry the girl you love.

To dream of falling down while catching a butterfly means to waste energy and materials to realize the absurd dream.

Dreaming that the butterfly caught fly away again, implying that the girl you are in love with will marry someone else.

The original Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of hunting butterflies

Dream butterfly flew to kill him, Ji. This dream is the owner of foreign wealth, and it is also a sign of business prosperity. Misfortunes will be resolved, worries will dissipate, things will die, and demand will be reaped. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream culling butterflies. Dreaming this is also the main source of foreign wealth, the main sign of business prosperity. Misfortunes will be resolved, worries will dissipate, things will be accomplished, and demand will be achieved. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Psychological dream interpretation dreaming of hunting butterflies

Dream interpretation: The butterfly in the dream symbolizes happiness and freedom.

Psychoanalysis: If you see a butterfly in your dream or feel that you have turned into a butterfly, it means that you find that you are not capable of setting up a family and doing a job that is time-consuming and laborious.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the butterfly in dream or meditation symbolizes the liberated soul on the one hand, and the immortality of life on the other hand.

A case study of dreaming about hunting butterflies

Dream description: I dreamed that a group of us were playing and found a big butterfly flying, we kept chasing it, and then several small butterflies appeared, and finally they all stopped on the ground. At the beginning, the biggest butterfly landed on me. I wanted to take it off, but found that it was clinging to me. It hurts when I pulled it down. In the end, its wings stuck directly to the skin on my back waist. But when I finally took it off, I found it was dead, but the wings were intact.

Dream analysis: dreaming of hunting a butterfly, the butterfly in the dream represents your partner, and you can’t catch the butterfly in your dream no matter how you catch it. If you force it to catch it and finally the butterfly died, it reminds you that you can’t force it on emotional matters. , The twisted melon is not sweet, and it may lead to tragedy.