Dreams meaning Book dreams of ants in parade

Dreaming of ants parade, you are going to travel abroad. Not only will your trip go smoothly, but it will also be safe and comfortable, and you may live in a foreign country.

The businessman dreamed of ants parade, indicating that business would be prosperous.

A patient who is bedridden for a long time dreams of ants marching, and his condition will not get better in the short term.

To dream of ants panicking and crawling around is a bad omen, which means that danger is coming and you need to be alert.

A farmer dreams of ants running around on top of his head or at home, it is a good sign, it means that the weather is good, and the crops that have been dry for a long time are saved.

To dream that the ant army is surrounded by themselves, and the death is approaching.

To dream of a group of ants panicking and crawling around is a bad omen, which means that external dangers will break your happiness and peace, and you need to be on guard.

Dreaming of a group of ants means that you will encounter trouble. Although this incident is small, it is very difficult to deal with. It makes you very annoyed and restless. In terms of feelings, it means that rivals are constantly appearing, and you will get into trouble because you can't compete with others. Be careful.

A case study of dreaming about ants in a parade

Dream description: Last night, I dreamed of a lot of ants parading at home. The scene was very spectacular. What do you mean?

Dream analysis: dreaming of ants marching at home reminds you to pay attention to your health. If you feel unwell, go to the hospital for treatment.