Dream of catching a dragonfly, you will be able to rise high.

Dreaming of catching a dragonfly indicates that his fiancee is a girl with a depressed face, a healthy body, and a good character.

Unmarried men and women dream of catching dragonflies, your love affair is brave and active, you can succeed.

A businessman dreams of catching a dragonfly. It means that the Lord's recent fortune is not good and his motivation to make money is weakening. In terms of expenditure, he may use money to soothe some recent bad moods. Projects involving large amounts of funds need to be more cautious and don't trust the guarantee of favor.

A man dreams of catching a dragonfly and flying, which means that you will attract the attention of many women;

Women dream of catching dragonflies and flying, which means that many men will pursue them enthusiastically.

Dreaming of catching flocks of flying dragonflies, the situation improves and brings more development opportunities, or encounters an outstanding opposite sex.

To dream of catching flocks of flying dragonflies, to meet a noble person who helps you with good luck, or to marry a beautiful wife.

Dreaming of dragonflies flying indicates that your intuition is sharp in the near future. If you are a student, you may test good luck, title charge very accurate.

Dreaming of catching dragonflies means that actions you started early in the morning will affect your whole day. No matter how you behave positively and kindly, it's good for you or not. Controlling your emotions is also a very important part of these two days. Even if you are hiding something in your heart, you must force yourself to switch emotions, so as not to let others see it or even affect those around you.