Dreaming of a woman with a leech (leech) losing money.

Dreaming of leeches (leech) stuck to the legs, there are not thin incomes in the account, Xiangmeng dream of increasing staff.

A man dreams of a leech, which means that you have something wrong in your career. You have encountered a powerful role, but you have to be bold and careful, and the final winner will be you.

To dream of being bitten by a leech (leech) indicates that your friend is lucky. If you participate in member activities, you will have a very happy life as everyone sees it.

A businessman dreams of being bitten by a leech (leech) indicates that if your wealth can overcome difficulties, you can get unexpected benefits.

Unmarried men and women dream of being bitten by leeches (leeches), which indicates your love, and hesitates because of lack of courage and determination.

Looking for a worker, dreaming of being bitten by a locust, the Lord seeks the workplace, the grasp of the situation is weakened, and the influence of authority figures is also diminishing, but it is still expected to get the ideal opportunity.

The newcomer in the workplace dreamed of being bitten by a locust, his work status became looser, and his luck was pretty good. Opportunities for expatriates have also increased.

The candidate dreams of being bitten by a locust, which indicates a good test score.

A manual worker dreams of being bitten by a locust. The main focus of his health is the digestive system. It is more effective to pay attention to a light diet, and he also begins to show a tendency to be melancholy in spirit.

To dream of a leech biting oneself, something good will happen.

A man dreams of a leech biting himself and has the opportunity to travel, but he must act carefully.

If you dream of locusts biting your feet, you should pay more attention to your health and rest more.

The divorced and widowed dreamed that the locust bites the soles of their feet, the main travel, there is obstacles, but it does not matter, it is best to make detailed plans before deciding.

Dreaming of being bitten by locusts in the paddy field during seedling transplanting implies that there will be villains in the process of starting a business.