To dream of Qingluan flying from the clouds is an auspicious sign and indicates longevity.

A young adult dreamed of Qingluan flying from the clouds, indicating that he would live a long life.

The longevity person dreams of Qingluan flying from the clouds, indicating that he will live longer and can play with his children and grandchildren.

Dreaming of Qingluan, rich and auspicious, indicates that you will have good things to come, sweet love, and successful career.

Dreaming of Qingluan dancing lightly indicates that you will have noble people to help you, and everything is lucky.

Dreaming of Qingluan spreading his wings and flying indicates that you will be rich and wealthy.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Meng Qingluan comes from the cloud, Ji. Dream this is a sign of longevity. The young and strong dream of it, which is beyond ancient times and reach the age; the senior dreams, can prolong life, play with children and grandchildren, and wish the celebration of longevity together. Menglin Xuanjie

Case analysis of dreaming about Qingluan

Dream description: In my dream, I saw a colorful bird lying on the ground in the yard. It has a bright blue back and wings. The tips of the wings are golden feathers. There are two soft orange tail feathers. I intuitively think that it was from the phoenix car. Luan Bird was injured, and he saw wheels and round eye feathers beside him. Qingluan is very spiritual and seems to be able to talk. I picked it up and saw that one of its legs was broken, and two tail feathers fell off when I picked it up. I hurriedly took the bird into the house and put it in the cushioned cardboard box.

After a while, Qingluan was fine. I carried him out of the house, but he did not know when he became a tall boy in a bright blue embroidered gold robe. He couldn't distinguish between men and women, but he felt very delicate.

What does this dream represent? Does it have any foretelling significance?

Dream analysis: This is an auspicious dream. It means that you have a good time in your studies, family, love, and wealth. Dreaming that this means that God will give you wealth and opportunities for success. But be careful in everything, tolerate conflicts with others, and avoid quarrels. Believe in yourself, come on!