Dreaming of tree trunks and remaining branches means that your current life will undergo great changes, so you must be fully prepared to meet this great change.

Dreaming of a wilted tree means that the body will get sick.

Dreaming of withered trees giving birth to new branches indicates that your potential threat or physical discomfort has been eliminated, and your good fortune has soared.

Dreaming of dead trees growing new buds indicates that the dreamer may encounter big troubles, such as layoffs at work, and you must go along with the encounters of trying to find a way out again.

Dream of a cat head eagle stopped at the tree twigs, indicating that the dreamer has a shadow in terms of health. Be careful when reading a book because the light is not enough to cause myopia. If you wear unsuitable glasses, I advise you to change them right away-pay.

Dreaming that the tree on the tomb was broken is a symbol of bad luck, indicating that the dreamer may have a lawsuit in the near future.

Dreaming of tree branches symbolizes your relatives and friends.

Dreaming of broken or dry branches means that your relatives or friends may be in trouble in their lives.

Dreaming that the trees die suddenly, it means that your family business is in decline. You should be frugal and keep your family. There should be a plan for your expenses in life, and you should not be extravagant and wasteful.

Dreaming about the withering of trees tells you that your recent fortunes are not very good. You may still look very happy on the outside. In fact, there may be carelessness in some small things or details, which makes yourself very distressed. Don't be discouraged, no matter what you do. Everything should be more careful and careful, paying more attention to some details.