Dreaming of jujube trees will make you happy.

A woman dreams of a jujube tree is a sign of giving birth to a son .

Dreaming of planting jujube trees is a good omen, and you will be happy.

A woman dreams of planting jujube trees, she will become pregnant and give birth to a son.

Dreaming about the jujube forest indicates that there will be happy events at home. It usually refers to auspicious things such as weddings, birthday banquets, and babysitting.

Dreaming of picking dates or hitting dates indicates that your business will expand and you will soon be successful.

Dreaming that the jujube tree is bare is an unlucky dream. It indicates that the economy will be difficult, and reminds you to spend money in a planned way, and also to learn how to manage money.

Dreaming that the jujube tree is full of jujubes indicates that life is prosperous and life is happy and beautiful

A pregnant woman dreams of two jujube trees, indicating that the pregnant woman may be pregnant with twins or multiple births.

A pregnant woman dreams of a jujube tree indicates that the pregnant mother will give birth to a boy. If there are more jujubes on the jujube tree, it indicates that the baby will be able to grow up.

A pregnant woman dreams of jujube branches and luxuriant leaves indicates that the baby in the pregnant mother's abdomen is in good growth and development and is still healthy.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of jujube trees, I also speak. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of red jujube trees is also a matter of talking. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

On the dream house. The Zao character seems to reappear, and it reappears as the image of the soul, and the Lord is dead. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream jujube tree, Kyrgyzstan. Jujube and Zao are the same. Those who have this dream will benefit early, marriage will be early, children will be early, and happy events will be numerous. Only sickness and litigation are not suitable for this dream. Jujubes are put down and come again, so everything should not be indulged. Menglin Xuanjie

Case analysis of dreaming about jujube tree species

Dream description: I dreamed of a jujube tree last night. It seemed that there were no dates on it. I saw that there were a few dried branches on the jujube tree, and I broke it off . The bug on the jujube tree fell on me. What means?

Dream analysis: dreaming that there are no jujubes on the jujube tree indicates economic difficulties and declining wealth, reminding the dreamer to be diligent and thrifty.