Dreaming of a shepherd means that you will encounter danger.

To dream of a shepherd taking care of the flock will give you a hot head and super intelligence.

To dream of making friends with a shepherd means good luck.

Dreaming of quarreling with a shepherd will offend a friend.

Dreaming that the shepherd is angry, bad days will come.

Dreaming of the shepherd boy being lazy indicates that you will be hit by the death and illness of your loved ones.

The flock of cattle and sheep in your dream indicates that your life will become more and more happier.

To dream of herding sheep in the fields means that life is full and happy, and the days are pleasant and pleasant.

To dream of herding sheep on a hillside means that the days will pass by and become more prosperous.

Dreaming of herding sheep on the grass means that business is prosperous and wealth is abundant.

Dreaming of herding sheep in the fields after autumn indicates that you may get unexpected help.