A woman dreams of sending flowers and fruits indicates that she is about to become pregnant .

Flowers have always represented happy events, and the flowers in dreams are a good sign of good luck and wealth.

Dreaming of fruits indicates that your efforts will be rewarded.

The businessman dreams of the fruit indicates that the business will be prosperous.

Dreaming about flowers and fruits

Fig Cheung. Figs represent convergence and unassuming, and thus happiness.

Dreaming of eating figs means you will get rich through hidden means.

To dream of eating rotten figs means that you will depend on others for charity.

The patient dreams of figs means that the body will recover.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating figs, she will give birth to a son.

Dreaming of losing figs means that business is not going well.

If you dream of eating figs, it means that there are often hidden dangers around you.

But if you see that the fig grows very vigorously, it means that your health and income are in good condition.

A woman dreams that figs are growing, which means that she might marry a rich and outstanding husband.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreams and flowers and fruits are the signs of pregnancy. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Case analysis of dreaming about flowers and fruits

Dream description: Dreaming of a tree with half flowers and half fruits. The flowers are very white and only a few clusters, which are very large. How to explain?

Dream analysis: The flower in the dream represents good luck and wealth, the fruit in the dream symbolizes the return, and the flower and fruit appear in the dream at the same time, which is a good dream, indicating that your hard work will be well rewarded.