Dreams meaning Book dreams of a sea of ​​flowers

Flowers always represent happy events, and in dreams are auspicious signs of good luck and wealth.

Dreaming of a sea of ​​flowers in full bloom means that precious things are present. Congratulations, this is a good dream.

Dreaming of flowers means that you will always live happily.

Dreaming that the flowers in the garden are withered, indicates that a disaster is imminent.

To dream of someone destroying flowers is a sign of disaster. To dream that flowers are more beautiful is a good omen.

Dreaming of flowers is a sign of auspiciousness, happiness and joy.

Dreaming of picking flowers, a prosperous business or a happy family, you will find a good partner.

To dream of picking withered flowers is a bad omen.

Dreaming that the flowers were intact when they were picked, but thanked them when they were picked, which means that the wish cannot be fulfilled and the economy will lose money.

To dream of wearing a wreath is a sign of high promotion.

To dream of someone giving yourself a wreath indicates a happy marriage. He is good at literature.

To dream of wearing a flower crown on your head indicates that you will be a regional leader.

Dreaming of falling flowers in your hand indicates that you will get sick.

The smell of flowers in the patient's dream indicates that the body will recover.

Dreaming of flowers being trampled under your feet indicates that disaster and death will come.

Dreaming of a bouquet means that you have something and good luck.

Lovers dream about bouquets, which indicates that the love between the two parties will be deeper.

Lovers dream that the bouquet will fall during dating, indicating that the relationship will deteriorate.

Dreaming of the flowers of the bouquet withered indicates that the wish will not come true and the love affair will be interrupted.

To dream of your mother-in-law sending flowers to you indicates that you will receive parcels from your relatives.

However, if the flower is red, it indicates that you may receive unlucky news.

Dreaming of smelling flowers indicates that you will meet a relative you haven't seen for a long time.