Dreamsmeaning Book Dream chrysanthemum

The dream of chrysanthemums implies health and longevity and self-affirmation, and also symbolizes harvest.

Dreaming of watching chrysanthemums indicates that hope can be realized.

Dreaming of picking chrysanthemums indicates that the quality of life is improved and social status is gradually improved.

Dreaming of receiving or gifting chrysanthemums to others indicates that there will be good friends to help you improve your social status.

To dream that you are picking white chrysanthemums means that you will suffer losses, and there are many puzzles and puzzles in your heart.

Dreaming of colorful chrysanthemums indicates a happy date.

Dreaming of bunches of chrysanthemums means that someone will show you love, but your so-called ambition will keep you unmoved.

Dreaming of chrysanthemums blooming means you will be struggling with money.

Dreaming of chrysanthemum means that you have a marriage relationship, but your eyesight is too high and the marriage relationship is lost. If you dream of being in the chrysanthemum garden, it means you may be a blessing in disguise. If you dream that the color of chrysanthemum is pale, it means that you will encounter frustration.

Dreaming of chrysanthemums means that your body is healthy and long-lived in the original meaning of Dreamsmeaning Book , and you will be recognized and get a very good harvest.

To dream of watching chrysanthemums means that you hope that something you are doing can succeed and be realized.

To dream of picking chrysanthemums means that your living standard is improving, and you have a certain social status, and you can live a peaceful life.

A man dreams of chrysanthemum means that his career will be successful, and he will be recognized by everyone and become a respected person.

A woman dreams of chrysanthemums indicates that she will go on a date with her favorite person, and the process will be very pleasant.

The old man dreamed of chrysanthemums, indicating that he would live a long and healthy life, and his children would be filial, and would be able to lead a happy and healthy old age.

A businessman dreams of chrysanthemums indicates that your business will grow bigger and bigger, and you will eventually become famous all over the world and become a celebrity.

A student dreams of chrysanthemum, which means that you will become a celebrity in school and can enter the student union to show your fists.

A staff member dreams of chrysanthemums indicates that you can handle interpersonal relationships well, are recognized by colleagues and bosses, and will soon have the opportunity to be promoted and raise your salary. You need to take good care of it.

Psychological dream interpretation dreaming of chrysanthemums

Dream interpretation: dreaming of watching chrysanthemums indicates that your hope will be realized. Dreaming of picking chrysanthemums indicates that your social life is gradually improving. Dreaming of gifting or receiving chrysanthemums means that your social status will be improved because of the help of friends.

Psychological analysis: The chrysanthemum in the dream symbolizes the harvest, and the golden chrysanthemum represents the dreamer's harvest in career, love, and studies, which is a good omen.

Spiritual symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, flowers symbolize love and sympathy.

Case study of dreaming about chrysanthemum

Dream description: I especially like Tao Yuanming's poem "Pick chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and see Nanshan leisurely" because I have a soft spot for chrysanthemums. Not long ago, I used chrysanthemums to dress up my home in my dream. I bought a lot of chrysanthemums and decorated my room warmly and beautifully. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of chrysanthemum symbolizes golden harvest. If you dream of watching chrysanthemums, it indicates that your hope will be realized. If you dream of picking chrysanthemums, it means that your social life is gradually increasing. If you dream of gifting or receiving chrysanthemums, it means that your status will be improved because of the help of your friends.