Dreaming of peas is a good sign in general.

Dreaming of piles of peas indicates that you have a rich economy and a good income.

Dreaming that the floor of your home is covered with peas, reminds you to pay more attention to your wife's health. Someone in the family may get sick.

Dreaming of pea seedlings indicates that your income is meager.

The farmer dreams of peas, which indicates that the crop will have a good harvest.

Dreaming of eating raw peas indicates that you are healthy.

Dreaming of eating hot peas reminds you to nourish your stomach. You may get stomach problems.

To dream of eating cooked peas indicates that you can manage your family diligently and frugally and accumulate wealth.

Dreaming of eating fried peas may indicate that you are currently struggling in life, with a low income, and you can barely make ends meet.

Dreaming of eating pea leaves indicates that you may have to make a living with heavy physical labor.

Dreaming of eating rotten peas indicates that you will encounter danger and even endanger your life.

A business person dreams of buying and selling peas indicates that the business may go bankrupt.

To dream of grinding peas indicates that you may encounter disaster.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who see the pea are lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book

Grind peas, disaster is imminent. Dreamsmeaning Book

Eat raw peas, the main body is healthy. Dreamsmeaning Book

Eat cooked peas, the main illness. Dreamsmeaning Book

Eat fried peas, the main poor. Dreamsmeaning Book

In the pea business, went bankrupt. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The farmer dreams of peas, implying that the dreamer will have a good harvest. To dream of eating raw peas is a good sign and implies that the dreamer is physically strong, but to dream of eating hot peas is an ominous sign that you will suffer from stomach problems and remind the dreamer to pay more attention. To dream of eating rotten peas implies that the dreamer should pay more attention to diet to prevent sudden illness and pay more attention to his health. Dreaming of pea seedlings reminds the dreamer that wealth needs to be accumulated continuously. To dream of piles of peas on the threshing ground implies that the dreamer will earn a lot of money. To dream of eating peas leaves implies that the dreamer has to do heavy physical work in order to survive. To dream of eating dried peas means that the dreamer will plan carefully and live thriftily. Dreaming of eating fried peas is an ominous sign, suggesting that the dreamer may be less lucky in the near future.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of pea represents good luck, and pea symbolizes completion, a sign of good luck and auspiciousness.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, the pea symbolizes completion and good luck.