To dream that your pants are rotten, and your luck will turn for the better soon, and your work and career will improve.

The person   preparing to take the test dreams that his pants are rotten, and the test results say aloud three times every morning when he gets up: "I am the best student", and write it down and post it on the head of his bed to establish a belief in victory. If you mute to yourself, "My studies are improving every day," the result will really change. Encouraging positive words will change your self-image that is not good at learning and build up your self-confidence in your heart.

The writer dreams that his pants are rotten, and your work status is gradually improving. It is hoped that you will achieve small results in the projects you have been working on, and you can gradually regain self-confidence and re-establish your goals. Occasional impatience can easily hurt someone who treats you sincerely.

A single nobleman dreams that his trousers are rotten, then you have to deal with your relationship and it is difficult to take responsibility for the end. There are more cases of three-minute heat. May easily confess and break up easily.

Dreaming that your pants are rotten, an ominous omen, you will encounter difficulties.

The staff dreamed that their pants were rotten and would be demoted.

The businessman dreamed that his pants were rotten, and his business would lose money.

To dream of wearing torn or dirty pants means that you have to work hard to get rich.

Dreaming of holes in your trousers is very likely to accidentally meet an acquaintance. The place, the most likely is the powder room in department stores and other places.

Young people dream of holes in their trousers, indicating that their physique tends to be weak, the digestive function of the stomach and intestines is not good, and the digestible fluids in their diet are more suitable.