To dream that others have a lot of wealth, life will be debauchery and luxury.

A businessman dreams that he has a lot of property and his business will lose a lot.

A woman dreams of having a lot of property and will be annoying for the safety of her child.

Dreaming of having a lot of wealth makes you sad.

Dreaming of finding hidden treasures means that you will spend a lot of money in litigation.

To dream of inheriting a large amount of wealth means that you will suffer pain.

A married woman dreams of inheriting hidden property, her parents will die.

An unmarried man dreams of inheriting an underground treasure, he will suffer heavy losses because of his management.

A man dreams of inheriting chattels will cause pain.

But the woman dreamed of inheriting movable property, she was framed.

Dreaming of buying property, the family will soon have a wedding.

If a woman dreams of buying property, her husband will get sick.