Music expresses the yearning for ideal life and spiritual world.

To dream of becoming a band conductor indicates that you have strong creativity and imagination, and this ability will bring you good luck.

To dream of being a member of the orchestra and playing, represents a happy entertainment and a loyal and educated lover.

To dream of listening to orchestral music symbolizes that someone always likes you, and you will get a lot of help because of this.

Dreaming of participating in a band usually symbolizes a team spirit. The symbolic meaning of the band is more complicated. For this kind of examinations and elections, the results are excellent, or marriage or love is satisfactory.

To dream of many people playing music and singing indicates that the elder in the family is about to die.

The dream of pregnant women also indicates that they will give birth to a son , and that they will have outstanding talents and extraordinary careers in the future. Dreaming of piccolo also symbolizes inner freedom and courage.

Dreaming of the loud sound of a trumpet symbolizes success or a memorable event on the one hand; on the other hand, it may also foreshadow a warning to remind you that danger is coming, or the beginning of a battle.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: A band composed of a group of young musicians reminded people of the necessity of teamwork.

Psychological analysis: dreaming that you have become a band conductor, you strongly yearn for harmony and happiness in life.

Spiritual symbol: The band in your dream represents your inner harmony.