Dreaming of hunchback or hunchback means that you are carrying a heavy load on your back, or there is too much pressure.

Dreaming of a camel indicates that you may encounter difficulties or have unexpected troubles.

To dream of becoming a hunchback indicates that there may be changes in family life, such as moving to a house or rebuilding a house.

Dreaming of becoming hunched back will change the family. There may be renovation or new construction of houses within one year. You can take this opportunity to request a private room.

A student dreams of a hunchback, which means that he has been under pressure recently and tends to be nervous.

Dreaming of a hunched person indicates that you will have unexpected difficulties in the future.

Dreaming of a tumor on the back indicates that something lucky will happen in terms of material. Maybe a friend gave you a bunch of your favorite records or tapes.

To dream of riding on the back of a hunchback shows your respect and obedience to your current superior.

Dreaming of a person with a humpback riding fast, like riding a horse, leaning forward and backward and bumping back and forth, contains sexual connotation.