The little ruffian in the dream symbolizes his unconstrained, passive and laissez-faire side and negative influence.

If you dream of becoming a little ruffian, it implies that there is a disturbing impulse in the dreamer's heart, eager to vent the depression in the heart, to break through self-discipline, or the shackles of social morality, laws, and certain relationships.

To dream of a little ruffian, it shows that the dreamer is a person who has never cared about trampling on the interests of others when he seeks personal interests. This kind of personality of a man is only evident in the daily communication with a woman .

To dream of a group of hooligans beating my boyfriend indicates that you may have encountered something that goes wrong, but there will be noble people or friends to help.

Dreaming of being surrounded by hooligans indicates that your current predicament can be overcome recently. You are going to be lucky. The hooligans represent wealth.

Dreaming of a hooligan means that you are a person who never cares about trampling on the interests of others when you seek personal interests.

To dream of a gangster touching your face indicates that your mood is relatively low, and you will feel depressed because of it. You need to adjust yourself, and happiness is determined by yourself.

Dreaming of a gangster touching your own body implies that you will have a financial dispute recently. You may have a dispute with your friends because of borrowing money. Be careful not to lose your money for the show.

To dream of being hit on the head by a rogue symbolizes that your health is not good, your body is unwell, and you have to be more careful about digestive diseases such as food poisoning or indigestion.

A salaryman dreams of a gangster touching his body, it means that you have a lot of things to deal with recently at work. The plan to be completed often needs to be adjusted and revised repeatedly because of some small details, and it will also cause emotional performance. It should be appropriate. Adjust and think calmly in case of trouble, and you will get good results.

A single person dreams of a gangster touching his body, indicating a good fortune in the relationship, having sufficient self-confidence, and good expression skills. Active confession in choice is a good result and a good omen.

Dreaming of being chased by a gangster reminds you that someone will be watching you secretly, and people who are key to your promotion will begin to pay attention to you.

A woman dreams of being chased by a gangster means that although your fortune is difficult and disaster, it will also reverse bad luck and get better, especially beware of diseases, especially uterine diseases.

An office worker dreams of being chased by a gangster, it indicates that your wealth is good for both positive and partial wealth. Coupled with your restrained attitude towards using money, you can expect to get an ideal income. However, as it approaches the end of the month, unexpected expenditures, especially transportation and communication costs, tend to increase.

Young people dream of being chased by hooligans, which indicates that you will be going smoothly, but you still have to pay attention to your degree with the opposite sex and grasp the distance with the opposite sex.

The unmarried dream of being chased by a gangster indicates that your love fortune is good. Even if the single peach blossoms will decrease, there is still no shortage of attention from the opposite sex.

A married person dreams of being chased by hooligans indicates that the dreamer is going to go far, but there may be obstacles on the way, it is best to cancel or postpone going out.