Dreaming that swimming is choked by water means that the life is happy and prosperous.

To dream of being choked by water indicates that your life has become complicated recently. It may also be that you have encountered some problems in your life, which will put you under some pressure.

A woman dreams of being choked by water while swimming , she has a fortune in the near future, retreats to auspiciousness, and rushes into fierceness.

The student dreamed that swimming was choked by water. He had good test results recently , but he must continue to work hard.

A single person dreams that swimming is choked by water, which indicates the recent love fortune and sincerity will succeed.

Dreaming of being choked by water and paying attention to details, even if it is an insignificant link, you also want to complete it perfectly.

To dream of being choked by water will pass the dangerous period and eventually your body will get better.

When young people dream of being choked by water, everything is going well in the near future. If you are not humble, but instead run arrogantly, it is easy to attract harm.

To dream that your child is choked by water and go out more is the key to luck today! Peach blossoms are on the rise, so strive for more opportunities to show your face in public!

Dreaming that you are choked by water during swimming may also be a portrayal of your real experience. It may be that when you were swimming a long time ago, if you were choked by water, it is easy to have this dream.