The spring outing in the dream is a symbol of work and life.

The dream of spring outing is the expression of your inner emotions.

Dreaming of branches sprouting and spring grass spitting green indicates that your work will have new vitality.

Dreaming of green leaves and flowers everywhere means that your life is rich and colorful.

To dream of a tree sprouting, auspicious, love will go smoothly.

A girl dreams of a tree sprouting and will marry a favorite son .

The boy dreamed that the tree sprouted, and he would marry a beautiful and virtuous woman as his wife.

Dreaming of withered trees giving birth to new branches indicates that your possible potential threats or physical discomforts are eliminated, and your good luck is rising!

A married man dreams of a sapling that has just sprouted, living a happy and carefree life.

The prisoner dreamed of sprouting saplings, he would be released from prison.

Students dream of sprouting saplings, the exam will succeed.

The businessman dreamed that the sapling that had just sprouted was auspicious, and his business would be profitable in the near future.