To dream of picking cucumbers is a bad omen and suffering.

If the patient dreams of picking cucumbers, his condition will get worse.

If the prisoner dreams of picking cucumbers, the sentence will be lengthened.

A pregnant woman dreams of cucumbers will give birth to a son .

Pregnant women dream of picking cucumbers, they need to pay attention to the health of themselves and their children.

Dreaming of cucumber is good, it means healthy and well-developed.

The patient dreamed of eating cucumber dishes, indicating that he would soon recover to health.

People who have married dream about cucumbers, which means pleasant changes in life.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream King Melon (cucumber), Kyrgyzstan. Dreams of taking king melons, sacrifices and blessings; dreams of eating king melons, the main illness is recovered, the eyes are darkened and the spleen will stop. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream King Melon (cucumber). Those who dream of taking king melons will receive blessings from the gods, and enjoy filial piety with long filial piety; those who dream of eating king melons will treat diseases immediately, the eyes will be darkened and the spleen will stop venting. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Case study of dreaming about cucumber:

Dream description: I have always dreamed recently, and often dreamed that I was looking in front of a very old house. One day, she dreamed that she had come to this old house again, so she walked in. The house was empty and there was nothing. After passing through the house, she came to the backyard and saw a vegetable garden with nothing in between. , But there were a lot of cucumbers planted in the corner of the wall. The cucumbers were already ripe. Xinyi saw a basket in the corner. She thought that the cucumbers were ripe, so she picked them all, and finally she picked them full. A basket, she carried a basket of cucumbers, and walked away happily.

Dream analysis: In the dream, cucumber symbolizes prosperity. But dropping the cucumber is not a good thing, unfortunate things will happen.