Sugar cane is a symbol of wealth.

Child child dreamed of stealing sugar cane, indicating improved academic performance, he will be praised adults.

A man dreams of stealing sugar cane indicates that his income will increase.

A woman dreams of stealing sugar cane indicates family harmony and happiness.

The businessman dreamed of stealing sugar cane, and business will go smoothly recently.

To dream of stealing sugarcane to turn poplars means that you have finally paid a price. The work you have done and the opinions you put forward are the days when everyone agrees and praises.

Dreaming of stealing sugar cane from someone else chasing and scolding it means that you have no worries and like to enjoy the happy time of being alone, but it is also easy to forget the more important things. In the morning, you should think about what important days these two days are and what important things you need to do, so as not to miss it.

Case analysis of dreaming about stealing sugar cane

Dream description: I dreamed of walking on the side of the sugarcane field with my colleagues. The road was bumpy and the car was impassable. I was sitting behind a colleague’s motorcycle and drove through the bumpy road. When I rushed through the road, I was in my mind. I was thinking, fortunately, we are driving a motorcycle, so we can walk this way. If we drive a car, it will be troublesome. Later, we walked along the road and saw some sugarcane that was chopped down and thrown on the side of the road. I wanted to take one to take home. I was afraid that the people would scold it when they saw it. But watching everyone else took it, I secretly took one. I threw it to the side of the road, thinking about throwing it in the car when I left for a while and taking it home. At this time, I noticed that the sugarcane in the field was very fresh, thick and long, and must be very sweet. I really wanted the fresh sugarcane in the field. , Because the one I just took was cut and thrown on the side of the road. It was not too new. I told my acquaintances about my thoughts. The acquaintance quickly chopped a long and thick sugarcane to me. , I took the sugarcane and threw it to the side of the road and kept it temporarily, mainly because I was afraid that others would find it. I wanted to take it away when I got in the car. At this time, I noticed a farmhouse on the side of the road with two old women in the window. They just look at me in this direction, I am a little scared, afraid they will know that we have stolen the sugar cane from their fields.

Dream analysis: Colleagues: On behalf of like-minded people. Road: the road of life. Sugarcane: stands for two meanings. First, it represents the sex of men. Second, it represents a sweet life. Motorcycles and cars: represent their different identity images. Two old women: represent a group of women. The stealing here: does not represent the true meaning of stealing, it represents the hidden sex of oneself (for fear of others seeing it). Stale sugarcane: represents a lost marriage. This dream explains: You want to have a like-minded person, and you want to walk the uneven road in life with him. The pursuit of a sweet and happy life is also what every woman is looking forward to.