Dreaming of good generals indicates that there will be misunderstandings or disputes caused by words.

Dreaming of soldiers and generals walking together indicates that something good will happen.

Dreaming of soldiers or warriors is a good omen of interest and glory, especially dreaming of troops passing by, indicating that you can obtain happiness and benefits.

Dreaming of bringing a soldier badge indicates that you pay great attention to the promotion of the army or work, and will do everything possible to seek it, but success depends on your luck and interpersonal relationship.

Dreaming of an officer symbolizes that your heart desires to be protected or is about to be protected.

To dream of becoming a soldier indicates that there will be a new turning point in the dreamer's life.

Dreaming that someone else becomes a soldier means that everything is in order on the dreamer's career journey.

Dreaming of soldiers standing guard means that the dreamer needs to be vigilant in his work to prevent villains from making trouble.

Dreaming of soldiers on vacation indicates that the dreamer is completely in a safe and harmonious environment.

Dreaming of soldiers means that you have to rely on hard labor to survive your whole life.

When a woman dreams of a soldier, she feels distressed about her failure to give birth.

The girl dreamed of a soldier, and because she couldn't find her ideal boyfriend, she was unable to marry for a long time.

The young man dreamed of soldiers, because life was hard, so he could not get married.

Dreaming that many soldiers are working, all sorrows and sorrows will pass.

Dreaming of soldiers fighting , you can make friends with people in senior positions.

To dream of making friends with soldiers means that the danger will come from the enemy.

Dreaming of joining the army will increase your income. A businessman dreaming of joining the army will seriously threaten your opponent.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of a good general is a matter of words. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

The generals go with them, and the happy event is the master. Dreamsmeaning Book