To dream of receiving a marriage certificate, good luck, indicates a happy life, good luck.

Dreaming of receiving a marriage certificate with a male (female) friend means that good things are approaching.

When a married person dreams of receiving a marriage certificate, it implies that the relationship between husband and wife is very tense.

Dreaming that someone else receives a marriage certificate means that you are yearning for a happy life.

Dreaming of getting a marriage certificate with your lover indicates that you will get married soon.

A case analysis of dreaming about receiving a marriage certificate

Dream description: I am a girl. I have been broken in love for more than a year. I don’t have a boyfriend now. Last night I dreamed that I had a marriage certificate with someone I didn’t know, and I signed for it on a piece of paper. I feel quite calm in my dream.

Dream analysis: This is a good dream. You may start a new relationship. With the last love experience, this time you will be more able to deal with the problems in love, and finally you will reap a happy life.