Dreaming that a man is naked, in addition to his desire for exposure, may express heterosexual or homosexual desires. Dreaming of a very ideal nude, like a sculpture, expresses the desire for love and the desire for the realm of desire.

Dreaming of a naked man indicates that you will feel very worried and sad in your heart in the near future. (@)

Dreaming of seeing a man naked by chance indicates that you will be embarrassed with money, and there may be a period of insufficient funds, which will make your social life a bit embarrassing.

Dreaming that a man is naked in clear water indicates that the man in the dream will have many people admiring him in real life, and his heart will be very proud and proud.

Dreaming that a man is naked in muddy water indicates that the admirer will maliciously spread rumors because of jealousy, and will embarrass himself.

Dreaming of a man walking naked and sprinting indicates that you are eager to vent your long-repressed feelings in pain.

Dreaming of a man being naked and feeling very comfortable indicates that you want to get rid of all kinds of concealment, and show your true side honestly in front of everyone.

Dreaming that a familiar man is naked and disgusted in your heart indicates that you are very angry at this person's true motives in real life.

A man dreams that a woman who has nothing to do with him is naked, indicating that you will be rich in the near future, and you will be sitting on wealth, which is a good omen.

Dreaming that a man is naked in a public place and behaves confidently and happily indicates that you want to meet with others frankly and worry about being misunderstood in certain things.

To dream of a man naked means that he can be destined.

Dreaming of a naked man makes you feel sad and sad.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of being naked without clothes, good luck. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

The man is naked, fateful. Dreamsmeaning Book

Being naked without clothes is the main benefit. Dreamsmeaning Book

Men and women in the dream are present, seeing their children facing each other. Bribe Jiaxiang, fate will be prosperous, good name Jichang. Menglin Xuanjie