Dreaming of assassination or assassination often indicates that you will receive shocking news.

Dreaming of an assassin indicates that the dreamer will guard against villains.

To dream of an assassin is usually a warning, indicating that your adversary will attack you or carry out a conspiracy. It reminds you to be more vigilant and make more preparations so as not to get into trouble and suffer losses.

If you dream of an assassin trying to assassinate you, it implies that what you are doing will suddenly encounter unexpected resistance and may fail.

To dream of someone being killed by an assassin indicates that you may encounter disaster or be implicated in misfortune.

Dreaming that an assassin is going to assassinate you means that what you are going to do is difficult to succeed. It may be more effective to change to something else. If the assassin kills you with blood, it means that something unfavorable will happen to you.

To dream of becoming an assassin is a good luck, foretelling a double harvest of the dreamer's career and love.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of yourself being killed, it usually means that you are affected by external influences and that part of your character cannot continue to survive. If you dream of killing someone , it means trying to get rid of the influence that person exerts on you.

Psychoanalysis: Killing is an extreme way to solve the problem. If such an overwhelming behavior occurs in a dream, it usually symbolizes your need for violence (especially the kind of violence against yourself). On certain occasions, there may be such a situation: the only feasible solution to the problem is to "strangle" part of your self.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, murder in a dream is equivalent to sacrifice.

A case study of dreaming about an assassin

Dream description: Yesterday I dreamed of an assassin assassinating me, and then stabbing a big hole, leaving a lot of blood, I was crying. I also dreamed of heavy rain! Please help me explain, thank you!

Dream analysis: Something you are going to do now may be opposed to you, or there may be other difficulties. In short, it is not so smooth, so you must be psychologically prepared.