Lovers usually refer to their own wife or husband, and sometimes they refer to their beloved, their girlfriend or their significant other. The fattening of the lover in the dream proves that the relationship between husband and wife is good and life is sweet.

Dreaming of your lover gaining weight indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very sweet.

Dreaming of your lover gaining weight indicates that your communicative skills have been improved.

A woman dreams of her lover gaining weight indicates that she will have physical problems.

The old man dreamed that his lover was gaining weight, indicating that many interesting things would happen around him.

The businessman dreamed that his lover would gain weight, indicating that he would have a lot of entertainment and financial difficulties.

To dream of gaining weight, in real life, regardless of whether the dreamer wishes to gain weight or is worried about gaining weight, he may have dreams related to “gaining weight”. This is what people often say There is a certain truth to this argument.

To dream of gaining weight, some people in dream interpretation think that this dream indicates that the dreamer’s recent fortune is on the rise, and the dreamer will earn a large amount of wealth in the near future, and even lead to abundance. His happy life is a good dream.

To dream of gaining weight, this dream may also indicate that the dreamer will have good luck in the near future, because it is often said that fat people are more blessed, blessed, and will be more lucky than thin people. I believe that the dreamer will be more lucky in the future. His life will also be more warm and happy.

To dream that you are gaining weight. If the dreamer wishes to lose weight in real life, then this dream may remind the dreamer that there may be many loopholes in the dreamer’s recent plan. It is difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of the plan, the dreamer needs to deal with it cautiously; on the contrary, if the dreamer originally wanted to gain weight, it indicates that the dreamer’s current plan will be able to proceed smoothly, and I believe that the dreamer will also be able to do so. Enjoy the fruits of victory soon after.

To dream of gaining weight also reminds the dreamer that the dreamer may encounter a lot of troubles in life recently. The dream needs to deal with it carefully and calmly deal with all kinds of things that he encounters. Otherwise, impulse will only cause Things get worse, and you will encounter more troubles.

Dreaming of getting fat on your face indicates that you will be under the shining of the lucky star in the next six months. No matter in terms of love, money, health, making friends, etc., you will be very happy.

To dream that your face is swollen or redder than before, indicating that you will become a rich person.

Dreaming that you are obese or fat means that you are still not cautious in a certain situation. You must increase your vigilance and act carefully.

Dreaming that your good friend is gaining weight indicates that your love fortune will go down, and there will be a small gap between you and your significant other, as long as you can work hard to resolve everything will be better.

Dreaming that you are getting fat indicates that your troubles will be resolved soon, and your life will be extremely happy in health, money, love and other aspects.

To dream of gaining weight is a good dream. Money luck will increase and you will have a considerable income, but you will also squander it. Pay attention to expanding your interpersonal relationships. This is closely related to the expansion of your work field.

Dreaming that your child is gaining weight indicates that you will spend a lot of energy at work, as it is to enhance your competitiveness, but you still have to do your work according to your needs. You can put aside the work at hand and do some relaxing work. movement.