Drinking is often to celebrate a happy event. The so-called " drinking every confidant has a thousand cups less", drinking in a dream becomes synonymous with a happy event.

To dream of drinking alcohol means that something good is imminent, and it is fortune and treasure.

To dream of drinking is a sign of rising fortune in school. The mind will be very clear, and the content of the text will be unforgettable.

Dream of a lot of bottled wine, life will be prosperous.

Dream of drinking a glass of wine, disaster will come.

A man dreams of giving his wife or lover a glass of wine, the husband and wife or lover will be as loving as ever.

A woman dreams of giving her husband a glass of wine, she will get pregnant soon .

Dreaming of drinking with friends, living a happy and comfortable life.

To dream of drinking alcohol in your dreams, whether you are with friends or alone, indicates that you will provoke trouble in real life.

Drinking in a dream is not drunk, but if you feel drunk in your dream, it is not good, and it implies that your health may be in trouble.

Alcohol can also be messy, and once a person fails to speak after drinking, it is easy to cause conflicts. So in the dream, wine also symbolizes contradiction.

To dream of selling alcohol will cause conflicts with friends and acquaintances.

To dream of giving wine to others will lead to a happy and carefree life.

If you dream of drinking alcohol in your dreams, whether you are with friends or alone, it means that you will provoke tongues in real life.

Dreaming about whiskey means that you are being tempted by the opposite sex.

Dreaming of red and white wine indicates a good relationship with friends.

To dream of being drunk in a dream means that you want to escape reality.

Zhougong Stock Market

If you dream of inviting friends to drink and eat without moving your lips, all the stocks will fall except those you own.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Drinking a lot is the main disaster. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drink a glass, the Lord will have disaster. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream when the wind is drinking, Kyrgyzstan. Dreaming this will relieve boredom and worry, a sign of good fortune. The scribes are on the trial, the dream is great. Menglin Xuanjie

Drinking in Dream City is fierce, and the main family business dissipates. Such as the dream of Naiji when the soldiers are in chaos. Menglin Xuanjie

The wine in the dream pot was sucked and drunk, and the lord was exhausted as a sign of wealth and death. The elderly dream of this danger, the long-term sick dream of this danger. Menglin Xuanjie

In the dream club, Kyrgyzstan. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of drinking, it is raining. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

To dream of a drinker is joy. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Meng Tianbian drinking. It rains on the main unity day, and the water arrives in the west. In the dream of a flat person, there are weeping in the unity of the year; in the dream of the rich, the main ditch is blocked. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of drinking wine and soup, good luck. Officials occupy the responsibility of the spoon, the country is peaceful and the people are peaceful, the generals enjoy the blessing of peace, and the family is full of people. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of drinking white wine pulp, Kyrgyzstan. Those who dream of this go out to meet a sage, and often have guests. Children with jaundice and rash dreams of this, the plasma top is satisfied, and no medication is required. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of drinking without food. Drinking or not eating is a sign of discomfort. If you dream of the Lord's unsuccessful work and unsuccessful plans, you should only thank you behind closed doors and be auspicious. The winemaker dreams of this, and the Lord reaps great benefits. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of drinking three white wine, fierce. The ones that are made from cooked rice, fine koji, and spring water are called Sanbai. Those who dream of drinking this wine are not a good sign in their name. One white masters frost and snow, the sky is cold and the ground is freezing; one white masters mourning clothes with a stick covered with hemp; one white masters floods , and the countryside is deserted. Menglin Xuanjie

Sleepwalking in the city, drinking, lucky, parading and feasting. Those who dream of this will benefit the scholars; the people in the city dream of it, and they will seek profit during the unity day; in the dream of the villagers, there must be neighbors who come by, let them go without asking. Menglin Xuanjie

Women drinking, the Lord is in trouble. Dreamsmeaning Book

People please drink, the Lord will live long. Dreamsmeaning Book

When others drink, the owner loses money. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drinking to drunk, the main disease. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drink freely with the nobles, master lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drink with the nobles, good luck. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drink with people, have a tongue. Dreamsmeaning Book

Drink by yourself, the Lord will make money. Dreamsmeaning Book