What does it mean to dream about sexual desire? Is it okay to dream about libido? Dreaming about sexual desire has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about sexual desire organized by the editor of ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website www.dreamsmeaning.org) below .

If it is not a particular sexual desire, men dreaming of genitals may imply overall power.

For women, dreaming of genitals may imply menstruation or desire to become pregnant . On the other hand, there may be special sexual cues in it, which only the dreamer can understand.

Dreaming about the sexual desire that drives women may reflect the most serious fear of men. This not only implies sexual ability, but also implies the overall perception of power and vitality.

Women dream of the sexual desire driven by men, obviously they have a fierce desire to conquer each other.

Dreaming about the desire to have sex with a woman , or wanting to get underground treasures, is an ominous omen and disaster will come.

Dreaming of other people's desire to have sex with a woman can find a confidant. 

Dreaming of the sexual desire to have sex with your lover means that "a moment of spring night is worth a thousand dollars." Although the dream is very comfortable, the dream means that there may be some misunderstandings between you and your lover in reality, or it may indicate the two Personal relationships are a bit strained or slightly alienated.

Dreaming about the sexual desire of having sex with a strange woman, the dream just reflects your sexual fantasies. In real life, you are indeed a good man who guards himself.

If you dream of sexual desire to have sex with relatives and elders of the opposite sex, the psychological reflection of the dreamer’s "Oedipus complex". It also usually implies that you have encountered some minor difficulties and hope to get approval from family members or to communicate well with family members.

Dreaming about the desire to see others having sex means that you are too focused on something and ignoring other aspects of people, things, and things. This also implies that you have neglected the feelings of your beloved. Or maybe you have neglected important things and you should turn your attention to the things you should do.

Dreaming about the sexual desire to have sex with the person you like, this means that someone who has a connection with your heart may appear recently, and there is a chance for a peach blossom to come. But if you are a person with whom you associate, it also means that there is a problem in your relationship. Now you are not affectionate, so there will be friction between the two.

Dreaming of sexual desire to have sex with the same sex. This is a dream of bad interpersonal relationships. It means that your friendship attitude is problematic and may be biased. Your every move is easy to be discussed by everyone, and you will be pointed out behind your back. Point, there is no room for yourself, so you have to review your friendship status a little bit.

Dreaming of the sexual desire to have sex with your boss or elders means that your ability to handle crises will increase, your skills and professional knowledge at work will continue to be absorbed and improved, and your knowledge level will gradually grow, which is a good level of improvement. dream.

Dreaming about the sexual desire to have sex with an ideal object (such as a celebrity), it may be a star you admire, or a person in the periphery that is not easy to pursue. This means that your fortune is in full swing, and everything is going well, and good things are good. Luck keeps coming to you, it is a great dream.

Dreaming about the sexual desire of others to induce sex indicates that you should pay more attention to your own behavior in the near future. It may be because of temporary greed or impulsive action, which may lead to big mistakes and more likely to go astray.

Dreaming about the sexual desire to have sex with a disgusting person implies that bad things may happen to you, especially in interpersonal relationships, which you want to solve but are unable to do. In addition, it also means that you have the idea of ​​going out and stealing fishy in your heart.