Dreaming about foreigners usually means that you may encounter difficulties in communicating with others. You may feel that you are not communicating well or have a crush on someone, and you are too dare to express it.

To dream that you are good to foreigners indicates that you may be working hard to solve the difficulties in these contacts.

The dreamer should often be with many foreigners, dreaming that you are good to foreigners, it may just be a reappearance of life situations.

Dreaming of negotiating with foreigners, living a comfortable and happy life, but preventing accidental loss of wealth.

Dreaming about strange foreigners makes you happy, indicating that you are in good health and the surrounding environment is satisfactory. If he makes you unhappy, express disappointment.

To dream that you are a foreigner means a long-term friendship.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

If the dreamer is often with many foreigners, then it is not unusual for foreigners to appear in the dream. He is just John, George, and Mary.

This George may be a substitute for another person, but it has nothing to do with the symbol of "foreigner".

If the dreamer does not often come into contact with foreigners, then the foreigner is a symbol: the symbol of "outsiders".

A girl dreamed: "Reading in the house with a foreigner... Look at that person's appearance as a Chinese, but I know he is a foreigner... I am worried about what my boyfriend will think when he sees me with a foreigner... …"

Why do foreigners look the same as Chinese? Some people guess they are Japanese or Korean. And the answer is that this is just an outsider—compared to her boyfriend, who is not an outsider. So being with foreigners here means being with outsiders.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dream of a foreigner traveling.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of foreigners means that you are not very satisfied with your current life. It also means that your new life is about to begin, and you will also meet some more emotional new friends. On the other hand, it is also possible that you have to be more rational in your words and deeds because you have poor communication with people who have a large gap in your values.

Case analysis of dreaming about foreigners

Dream description: After learning English for so many years, I haven't really spoken to a foreigner yet. In my dream, I talked a lot to a foreigner. Those foreigners seem to come from Europe. I speak English with them. In my dream, I speak English quite well. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: The foreigner in the dream heralds a wonderful journey. If you dream of a foreigner, it means that you are more romantic, like new things, like to travel, and you are a veritable traveler.