Dreaming of a magician may remind you to be wary of someone, not to be deceived by his superficial but charming appearance.

If you dream of a magician performing magic tricks, remind people to beware of being fooled by the opponent.

If you dream of becoming a magician performing magic tricks, it means that you have sufficient strength to deal with the enemy, and your wit and strategy will make the opponent completely not your opponent.

A woman dreams of marrying a magician may indicate that the marriage will be deceived or that she will break up with her boyfriend.

If you dream that someone is juggling, it may also imply that we have to rely on juggling to cope with it and fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

To dream of a magician performing magic tricks will soon be fooled by the enemy.

To dream of performing magic tricks can wipe out the enemy.