Dreaming of getting along with your parents as a child indicates that something lucky will happen to you. It may not be a big event. For example, someone will give you a movie ticket, you will be praised by the teacher in class , or you may just taste delicious coffee. Although it is a trivial matter, it is enough to make you smile.

To dream of talking to a dead person means that some small wishes can be fulfilled, things in progress will succeed, or things under discussion will have good news.

Dreaming of talking to your grandparents indicates that you may encounter difficult problems. If you can get the idea through others' guidance, then the difficulties will be solved.

To dream of your partner talking to you, but you do not answer, means that because the couple communicates very little, the other party is extremely dissatisfied with their indifference. To dream of being the object of your partner’s cold war is a sign of an abnormal situation in your partner’s health.

Dreaming of talking to a dead person indicates that you lack common sense in interpersonal communication and are too introverted to express your feelings to your friends. However, your luck is not bad and many wishes can be fulfilled.

A good relationship with your parents in the dream means that you abide by these rules.

To dream of talking and laughing happily with your parents will cause disturbances in your home.

Dreaming that you become a child and get along with your parents, lucky things are about to happen.

If you have a bad relationship with your parents, it means you have an attitude of resisting the law.

To dream that you will feel bored with your parents and run away from home. If you are underage, don't hate you for life because of rashness and impatience. You should respect yourself.

To dream of your father standing in front of you to stop you is a symbol of authority or pressure. It means you must overcome it.

Dreaming that your mother is a symbol of morality indicates that your fear and repression of sex will be lessened.

To dream of your mother crying means that you are currently in love. To dream of becoming a child and getting along with parents, lucky things are about to happen. You can taste delicious coffee, get movie tickets and so on. You will smile unconsciously.

Dreaming that your parents are divorced, your friends are unlucky. Your unintentional sentence will cause misunderstanding. If you ignore it, your friend will leave you. Try to explain it clearly.

To dream of being loved by your mother means that you will have fun in love. The best place to date is to choose quiet places, such as libraries, museums, parks at dusk, and so on.

To dream of being yelled at by your father indicates that you have bad signs of health. Pay special attention to accidents, and be especially careful when getting on and off the vehicle or crossing the lane.

To dream of leaving your parents and become lonely, you will have great luck in love. If you are interested, you can attack without hesitation, and you will never be blocked. Because this is destined in a dream.