Dreaming of frost on a sunny day means indulgence in life, but then behaved very well, so that relatives and friends can re-evaluate you and forget your previous shortcomings.

To dream that your friend is covered with frost indicates that an opponent is competing with you for the one you love, and you will end in victory.

Young women dream that your friend is covered with frost, which means that her boyfriend's feelings for her are getting weaker and weaker.

Dreaming of ice implies that the husband of the dreamer will work hard for the family and make life better and better.

Dreaming of ice means that the dreamer receives special care and achieves good results in it.

The businessman dreams of ice, the business will be taken care of by customers, and the business will become more and more prosperous.

An unmarried woman dreams of ice, implying that the dreamer man will treat herself wholeheartedly and will find a satisfactory one.