The dream of a sunny day after rain is a symbol of a happy ending.

If you dream of rain and clear weather, it is a good sign, indicating that the troubles or sad things faced by the dreamer will have results, and all the unpleasant things that make the dreamer will be satisfactorily resolved.

For a person who is broken in love, dreaming that the weather will clear after rain indicates that his mood is gradually getting better, and he is slowly forgetting his troubles and sorrows and coming out of pain.

A man dreams of rain and clear weather means that the work is going well and the difficulties are solved.

A woman dreams that the weather will be clear after rain, which means that the family is in harmony and that she and her husband are relieved of their suspicion.

Dreaming that the weather will be clear after rain means that all troubles and sad things will be solved satisfactorily, and happy and happy days will be restored, and the friends in the Cold War can be reconciled, and the friendship between the two will become deeper;

Dreaming that a beautiful rainbow will appear after the weather has passed and the rainbow can only appear after the weather has passed. Therefore, the rainbow always represents the realization of a certain wish. It is usually a symbol of good luck and indicates that the dreamer’s career will be Smooth sailing and prosperity;