Dreamsmeaning Book dream of eating dragon

Dreaming of eating dragons indicates that your recent fortunes are bad, and you don’t know where you offended your best friend, and your friend is trying to frame yourself.

Single aristocrats dream of eating dragons, indicating that your recent love fortune is not good, and there are some contradictions in your relationship with your lover, and you need to learn how to resolve this contradiction.

Candidates dream of eating dragons, which indicates that your recent test results are very good. It is the result of your daily hard work. Remember that you can't just care about it.

The old man dreams of eating dragons indicates that your recent health is very good. It is the result of regular exercise. Remember that you can't give up.

To dream of eating dragons in your own life will lead to unsatisfactory relationships. I accidentally discovered that my most trusted friend was talking about you behind my back, and I was hit hard. It takes a long time to heal the wound in this heart.

A single nobleman dreams of eating a dragon, then his love fortune: It is slightly difficult, but the key is to look at his own efforts.

Dreaming that the dragon eats the dragon, you will have some rights soon, in the work unit or in the family, etc.

A single person dreams of a dragon eating a dragon, a stable relationship, and enjoys the current emotional state. If you go out, there will be a lot of small romances, and the relationship with your lover will go further.

Dreaming of eating Aolong can overcome difficulties with the help of relatives and friends.

The unmarried dream of eating Aolong indicates that your love will not be impatient, but patience will succeed.

The widowed divorced dreamed of eating Aolong, which indicates that there are difficulties and dangers at a far distance. If you are careful, you will be safe.

The student dreamed of eating Aolong, indicating that his test scores were average.

A case study of dreaming about eating dragons

Dream description: I had a dream last night. I dreamed that two of my former colleagues and sisters brought a small hot pot over and said that there was dragon meat inside. Let me eat it. I didn't dare to eat it. It should be my boyfriend. After a few pieces and said it was not bad, let me taste it, and said that if you don’t eat it, it’s gone, so I took a piece and stuffed it in my mouth. It was really delicious. Was awakened by my mother while eating.

Dream analysis: The dragon is a symbol of auspiciousness. To dream of eating the dragon is not a good thing. You may offend a friend who is good for you.