Dreamsmeaning Book dream Bailong

The white dragon is a symbol of auspiciousness and frequently appears in oriental legends and myths. It brings fame and luck to people. You will get the reputation and wealth bestowed by God, and this wealth should be used in places that are beneficial to the world.

To dream of a white dragon means that someone around you will get promoted and get rich, and you will gain the trust of others.

The staff dreamed of Bailong and might be promoted.

Students dream of Bailong will go to school.

To dream of flying on a white dragon is a good sign. It implies that the dreamer may be lucky enough to help oneself realize his long-cherished wish. It also indicates that the difficulties faced by the dreamer will be solved, and accompanied by glory and wealth by his side, in his career. There will also be greater development;

To dream of a white dragon breathing fire in a dark cave implies that the dreamer will have unexpected good news from distant or noble people in the near future. It may be to help him climb the summit of success or help resolve thorny problems, although it needs to be based on The range of flamethrower is different, but it is certain that the dreamer will get windfall or become rich;

To dream of turning into a white dragon means that there are great people around the dreamer, and there will be noble people to help you, so that you can make a major breakthrough;

To dream of the little white dragon crying out of hunger and feeding the little dragon, usually dreams that the little dragon represents career, dreaming that the little dragon screams out of hunger, implying that the dreamer lacks the necessary conditions in the process of growing up in his career, and dreaming of feeding the little dragon means dream The devotion, support and attention of the dreamer to the career also reflects the gentleness, tolerance and selfless giving of the dreamer.

To dream of the white dragon entering the house and the dragon entering the embrace indicates that the son of the dreamer will be famous in the future;

To dream of finding a white dragon in the cave indicates that the dreamer’s children will become dragons and phoenixes among people in the future;

A pregnant woman dreams of a white dragon, implying that the dreamer will have a great son, and that the child will be very smart and can be a high official;

A pregnant woman dreams of Bailong ascending to heaven, which means that the son of the dreamer will become a strong husband in the future;