Reincarnation actually means a turning point in fate. Dreaming of reincarnation usually indicates a change in life.

Dreaming of reincarnation implies that there is an undercurrent in interpersonal relationships. But this is only temporary. Be cautious. After a while, your fate will increase and good luck will come.

Dreaming that you are reborn in a noble family means that you still cannot get rid of fame and fortune, and you cannot treat fame and fortune correctly. At this time, the more you want, the less you will get, and you will suffer from poverty in real life.

To dream of being reborn in a poor family means that you are not afraid of poverty, and you don’t need to endure the trials of poverty anymore, so you will have a good opportunity to make a fortune.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Reborn in your family, you are poor and fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

Reborn in a poor family, rich, lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book