Dreaming of chasing the corpse is a complete failure.

It is unlucky for women to dream of rushing the corpse.

The student dreamed of mediocre scores in the omen exam and must continue to work hard.

A businessman dreams of rushing the corpse indicates that his fortune is not going well.

Dreaming of an unknown corpse may indicate that the dreamer is dissatisfied with real life, such as lack of vitality and thought, or difficulty in communicating with the outside world. The unnamed corpse may also be just a symbol of a past experience, or a subconsciously suppressed part.

Dreaming of a corpse in the foundation usually represents a forgotten past, but it has been discovered again, causing one's emotions to fluctuate.

To dream of holding a corpse in your dream is a good fortune, meaning good fortune; if the corpse smells, your career will be more prosperous; if you are a dead body with maggots, you will get a lot of money and you may make a fortune.