To dream of discussing religion and feel that you are right. It indicates that a peaceful life will become a mess and that your career will not go smoothly.

The young woman dreamed that she was overly religious, indicating that she was pretending to be innocent and kind, and it made her lover feel very disgusted.

To dream that she does not have religious beliefs, but she also opposes religion. It indicates that she is straightforward and unrestrained by nature, and is often kind-hearted to consider others, so that she can win the heartfelt respect of female friends, the love of friends of the opposite sex, and of course her own. Plump love.

If you dream that she is anti-religious from the perspective of religion, it indicates that if she ignores the moral norms that exist in real life, she will no longer be appreciated from the heart. This dream reminds her to deal with her own Be cautious and responsible.

If she dreamed that she was crying for religious reasons, it would indicate her desire to move around in her heart and let her feel disappointed in herself.

If you dream of defying religious doctrines but never guilty, it indicates that she will bravely assume the responsibilities she has to deal with and firmly oppose deceptive precepts.

To dream of feeling self-blame in religious fanaticism indicates that you will almost give up your personality and please the people you highly respect.

Dreaming that the influence of religion is reducing bow courage, indicating that you are no longer unconventional, but moderately innovative, which makes your life more harmonious than before; your weird thoughts are no longer as extreme as before.

To dream of the pastor telling you on social occasions that he has given up his job indicates that you will receive good news unexpectedly.

If you dream of a pastor telling you that he has given up his job in a religious way, it indicates that you have lifted a rock and hit yourself in the foot-your own deceptive tricks have ruined yourself, or that other disappointments will come later in this dream.