Dreaming of a witch indicates that although you will actively seek fun with others, the unchangeable life situation still makes you feel abnormally disappointed.

To dream of a witch coming to you indicates that your career is going to decline, and your family life is full of disappointment.

When a man dreams of a witch, someone will travel across the ocean to meet him.

When a woman dreams of a witch, other women in the family will be jealous of herself.

Dreaming of quarreling with a witch is a good omen and can be loved by people.

To dream of making friends with a witch, others will impose unreasonable charges on yourself.

A woman dreams of becoming a witch will be insulted or slandered.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Witches are neither gods nor monsters. They are humans. The reason why they can know something that others don’t know is because they have souls. Many of the gods are possessed by foxes, because foxes are attracted to them. Spirituality, they know that some things are spoken through the mouth of a witch or a great god. There are many such phenomena in the northeast, and they are not deceiving, so if you dream of a witch, you should beware of the villain from doing it.

Psychoanalysis: The image of witches has two meanings, one is the priestess, and the other is that they are regarded as malicious. The latter is especially spread by children's writers. The former witch represents inner wisdom, growth, and recovery. The latter witch represents a destructive subconscious force.

If a witch appears in a male’s dream to symbolize the negative side of his anima, that is, the bad female component of a man’s personality. When a good witch appears in a dream, she is often willing to use her witchcraft to help you realize your wish. If you make a request in your dream and are accepted by her, it is a good symbol.

The latter kind of witch is a common evil witch in fairy tales, and she symbolizes the danger in your subconscious mind.

Appears in a woman’s dream, and sometimes symbolizes a sexual desire to be abused and abused. Some people who dream of this kind of witch will have some spiritual performance, such as having a certain special function or ability, or at least being regarded as mysterious and intuitive, but these people should not develop or indulge their own such ability, otherwise It is very likely to get confused.

This kind of person should not practice qigong, otherwise it is very easy to go wrong, or the more they practice, the more they look like a witch god. In fairy tales, if you encounter such an evil witch, you should escape quickly. Similarly, if you dream of such a witch, you should remind yourself not to indulge in intuition, qigong, or spirituality. You should live a normal life, otherwise it is dangerous.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

See the witch, the master is far away. Dreamsmeaning Book

Being a witch, the heroine speaks. Dreamsmeaning Book