To dream of becoming a monk usually means that you are happy in your life, or that your life will have a new beginning, or that you will be reborn or get better from your illness.

A man dreams that he has given up his worldly life, which usually symbolizes getting rid of worldly troubles, living a leisurely and comfortable life, carefree, and a happy married life.

A woman dreams that she has given up her secular life, which means family harmony, life is rich, happy and comfortable, and carefree.

Unmarried men and women dream of giving up the worldly life, suggesting that they will marry a beautiful and delicate wife, or a considerate and capable husband, and a happy marriage.

The patient dreamed of giving up the worldly life, reminding you to beware of getting worse.

A businessman dreams that he will become a monk, indicating that his business is going smoothly, his financial resources are abundant, he will get rich profits, and his life is precious and comfortable.

However, if a person who has already become a monk dreams of becoming a monk, it may imply that he will return to the secular life and return to the secular life.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Wisdom of the monk. To become a monk is to see through the world, which means to have an insight into human affairs, which is a kind of wisdom.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of being a monk means that the Lord is happy and auspicious When a man dreams of being a monk, he will get rid of the troubles of family conflicts and live a happy life. When a woman dreams of being a monk, it means that she can be a good helper to her husband, promote her husband’s career development, and make family life more prosperous and happier. Two unmarried men and women dream of being a monk, it means that they can get a happy marriage.