In my dream, passing through a vigorous cornfield, I saw heavy corn sticks and sticks. For farmers, it has far-reaching implications. It not only indicates full crops and a bumper harvest, but also indicates family harmony.

Young people dream of cornfields and see heavy corn sticks, which signifies that you will meet loyal friends and are very happy.

Dreaming that corn grows very luxuriantly indicates that there will be good luck in the near future.

Seeing withered corn in a dream indicates disappointment and death!

Seeing that the field with young corn seedlings has just been plowed in your dream indicates that you will be supported and loved by the powerful, and it indicates the upcoming success.

Dreaming of planting corn implies that the dreamer is full of hope for the future, and it also reflects that the dreamer is an optimistic person. The seeded dream implies that the dreamer is moving towards his goal.

Dreaming that corn will grow quickly and is ripe: it means growth, so it implies that things can go on smoothly, and it also implies that the dreamer has matured, and an optimistic and enterprising mood can help the dreamer achieve success.

A pregnant woman dreams of corn will give birth to a fat boy.

Dreaming of harvesting corn indicates that you have a worry-free life.

Dreaming of walking in a cornfield indicates that there will be unexpected surprises in the near future.

Seeing the corn mature, expressing fame and wealth, seeing the corn stored in a full warehouse, indicates that your greatest wish is about to come true!

Seeing corn without the foreskin indicates the wealth of money and the love of many people!

Dreaming of eating fresh corn means harmony among friends. If young people dream of this, it means a happy marriage!

To dream of eating corn is a good omen, indicating that life will be happy.

The patient dreamed of eating corn, the body will soon be healed.