Dream fire buried plant, it is a harbinger of fortune.

A businessman dreamed of a cremation factory, indicating that his business is prosperous and his wealth is growing.

Dreaming of others being cremated indicates that you may get inheritance or other benefits.

To dream of being cremated reminds you to learn to be the master and not always be swayed by others. Dreaming of the corpse being cremated indicates that your competitors will try to weaken your power. If the person to be cremated is you, it implies that if you continue to stubbornly, your career will obviously fail.

Dreaming of burning corpses indicates that school luck will increase. The reason is that you have worked hard, and your grades will be greatly improved in the next year. This can give you a 90% guarantee.

To dream of a leopard wandering in a cemetery or crematorium indicates that his family is about to die.