Dreaming of stations and platforms means that in your life, you may be looking forward to changing the environment and eager to start a new stage.

On the platform of the station, there are a lot of people and the flow of people is bustling, which means that you are full of confusion and cannot make a good choice about certain things or the future direction.

To dream that the platform is empty and there are no people, implying that you have decided the direction to move forward, or that the direction you finally decide makes you feel lonely, and there are too few roads you can choose, which makes you feel painful in your heart sad.

To dream that the station is very beautiful, modern, clean and bright, which means that you have a happy life and a smooth career. You may be about to start a new journey.

And if you are in a dilapidated and dirty station in your dream, it implies that your life and career may encounter difficulties and get into trouble.

Fire dream car is arriving, and indicate heart problems to be resolved, you will be freed from the predicament, or hope to find the answer to my heart.

If you dream that the train hasn't come into the station for a long time, it implies that the problem will be difficult to solve, making you feel more helpless.

Dreaming that you are waiting at the station for a shuttle bus that seems to never come, implies that your hope is a castle in the sky. This dream also reminds you that in real life, don't wait for nothing. Instead of wasting time and waiting passively, it is better to work actively to find ways to solve the problem and change the status quo.

To dream of running on a platform, chasing a train that is driving away, implies that you are alienated from a certain relationship, or frustration or loss of insatiable desire. In life, you may wish to have a better relationship with some people, but it is difficult to do so. Men’s dreams like this may also imply that they are afraid of impotence and have concerns about sexual performance.

To dream of watching the timetable repeatedly in a station or waiting hall, but not finding the bus you are going to take, may indicate that you are at a loss and don't know where to go, and don't know how to choose.

If you dream of losing your ticket or luggage, missed the train, language at the station, or currency is incorrect, such a dream means that there is too much pressure in real life, which makes you feel anxious, troubled, or frustrated .

Dreaming that you are walking on the platform of a train station means that you will travel soon and you will be able to get a reward.

Dreaming of selling tea eggs at the station, living a leisurely life.

A case study of dreaming of a platform

Dream description: I dreamt that I was sending him off on the platform, and the wind in late autumn made my heart full of coolness. "Woo" sound, the sound of the whistle, the train drove Xu Xiangqian, with my fire vehicles running on the platform, tears blurred my eyes. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: The platform in the dream is a symbol of career and separation. The platform is the place where the train departs or enters the station. The dream of the platform represents the beginning and ending of things. A man dreams of a platform indicates that your career has improved or has been successful. A woman dreams of a platform means that she will meet a parting that makes your heartache.