To dream of a man becoming a dog. If the man is your husband or boyfriend, it means that you hope that the person you love can be loyal to you. The dog is a symbol of loyalty. At the same time, you will protect him and love him motherly. he.

Dreaming of a dog you know represents the dreamer's fond memories of the past.

Dreaming of a dog you don’t know indicates that the dreamer walks less with some friends and has a very ordinary relationship.

To dream of a relative or friend sending a dog to yourself implies that the dreamer will have good luck.

To dream of taking a big dog for a walk indicates that the dreamer has good interpersonal relationships and can get along happily with new and old friends.

Dreaming that two dogs are playing with each other indicates that the dreamer has a good fortune in the near future, but it should not be too overwhelming. It will appear too frivolous and may be disliked by others, so it is necessary to keep it in moderation.