The silver in dreams often symbolizes separation or abandonment, and represents a rational choice. He also reminds you to think carefully and act cautiously.

Dreaming of a silver tone means that you are sadly parting for the love of success. Things are unity of opposites. If you get one thing at this moment, then you will also lose one thing at this moment.

Dreaming of silver objects means that when you carefully consider and act cautiously, you have to think about getting the lost value behind it.

Case study of dreaming about silver

Dream description: I dreamed that I was walking home. My house was on the second floor. There was a lot of water in the doorway downstairs. I looked inside and found a silver faucet hanging down on the opposite wall. The dragon flew out at me. Then I looked inside and found something else. What came out was a silver snake. It looked at me but didn't bite me. It flew away without doing anything, and then appeared again. A silver snake also flew away, and a silver dragon appeared again, but it flew away; I felt that there was no movement inside, so I continued to look inside and found that there was a small snake in the stagnant water, which did not move much. Later, I didn’t know what was wrong , and I was entangled by a pale yellow python . I wanted to scream but couldn’t. There seemed to be an old neighbor who looked like a neighbor, but she just couldn’t help. Then my mother ran down from home and said: Why would you rather pester me without calling me? He said it was the clown snake or something on TV, and then twisted the head of the snake and the snake was gone. The specific sequence and number of the appearance of the silver dragons and snakes cannot be remembered clearly. They are about two or three. The dreamer is catching a cold. There are many recent exams , and there are also very important exams.

Dream analysis: From your dreams, you can see that your recent mental stress and tension are relatively strong. In our China, the dragon is a kind of auspicious fetish. The dragon appears in the dream, which represents peace, auspiciousness and good luck. , The students dream of the dragon mainly indicates that the god of luck will come to you, and you will get excellent results in important exams. The dreamer does not need to make yourself too nervous, relax and deal with everything to achieve success, so as not to Because of my nervousness affect my performance.