Dreamsmeaning Book dream of red-crowned cranes

The red-crowned crane is also called the crane, the 鴜鷜, and the Japanese crane. There are many titles for the red-crowned crane in Chinese ancient literature. For example , it is called the fairy bird in the Erya Wing , and the fetal bird in the Compendium of Materia Medica . The red-crowned crane is a type of crane, named after the red flesh crown on its head. It is a bird species unique to East Asia. Because of its graceful body and distinct colors, it has the meaning of auspiciousness, loyalty and longevity in the culture of this region.

Dreaming of red-crowned cranes crying indicates that the dreamer will be promoted.

Dreaming of a red-crowned crane going to the sky indicates that you will face disasters, and there may be relatives in your family who want to ride the cranes.

The soldier dreamed of a red-crowned crane, indicating that he would go to the battlefield.

Dreaming that there is only one red-crowned crane indicates that you will be separated from your loved one.

Candidates dream of red-crowned cranes, indicating that their exam results are very satisfactory and that they will be admitted to the school they like.

He married a woman dreaming red-crowned crane into his arms, will be pregnant , and gave birth to a boy.

The widow dreamed of red-crowned cranes, she would observe the festival for her deceased husband for a lifetime, and would be erected a chastity memorial.

A businessman dreams of a red-crowned crane, and will encounter obstacles in doing business.

A case study of dreaming about red-crowned cranes

Dream description: I dreamed of a red-crowned crane flying back and forth in a mansion with me, taking me to find my family, and then flying over my car when I found it, letting it go back in the car, very obedient, What does this mean?

Dream analysis: Red-crowned cranes have the meaning of auspicious and longevity. Dreaming of red-crowned cranes depends on the mood in the dream. You can see that the scene in your dream is very harmonious. It is a good dream. It indicates that you will be well and healthy.