Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of peacock opening

To dream that the peacock is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, and that the peacock is the god of good luck.

Dreaming that the peacock opens the screen is for courtship and defense.

A businessman dreams of a peacock opening the screen will make a big profit in business.

A married woman dreams of a peacock dancing, and soon she will become pregnant , and she will give birth to a strong boy.

An unmarried man dreams of a peacock dancing and will find a girlfriend.

The patient dreamed of a peacock dancing, and the body would recover without taking medicine.

The prisoner dreamed of a peacock dancing, and soon he would be able to regain his freedom and be reunited with his family.

When an entrepreneur or businessman dreams of a peacock dancing, he can find a new market or sales point and make a big profit.

A case study of dreaming of peacocks opening the screen

Dream description: A few days ago, I dreamed that there were three peacocks on the screen. It was a kind of three-dimensional screen, like a landscape painting. Then one of the peacocks turned into a cute little boy and danced with me. This indicates What does it mean? Note: I'm not married yet

Dream analysis: The peacock's screen is for courtship or help. A single person dreams of the peacock's screen. It indicates that you are longing for love and that you will meet the person you like. You are not married yet, but you will be in love soon. Marriage is just around the corner.