Dream description: I have always dreamed of my girlfriend cheating recently. There was a time in my life that I was really mad, but then I forgave her, but in my dreams I was always mad to death, some Sometimes I would dream of the man, and sometimes he woke up, but my heart was still jumping with anger. Looking at the sleeping next to her, she knew it was a dream but was still very angry. She always got up and sat for a while. Only smoking a cigarette can get better, and a few times when I was so angry in my dreams, I started to beat her. In the end, 3.4 times, I beat her who was sleeping and cried. It makes people laugh and cry. I cried when I broke away and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m really upset. Every time I have a dream like this, my whole body hurts. When I dreamed of her cheating, I kicked my foot on the open window. It broke or just punched it on the seat next to me. Do I have schizophrenia? Is there any way to solve this problem? Or I should see a psychologist and ask friends to help me. I really can't fight it anymore, I'm going crazy.

Dreamsmeaning Book : These actions of yours prove two points: 1. You love your girlfriend very much, even if she betrayed you, you have always loved her. 2. You can't let go of your girlfriend's behavior. Even if you forgive her, you still cannot accept it psychologically. This causes you to often dream of her betraying you, but you shouldn't tell your girlfriend about these things in your mind! Otherwise, you won't get up in the middle of the night and smoke. There is no vent. You don’t have a mental illness, but I suggest that you still sit down with your girlfriend and have a good talk. The premise is not to do it! Tell her what you think, if you continue like this, you will suffer from the illness if you are not sick. If you still can’t calm down before talking to her, then go to KTV to drink and sing, or go for a long-distance run to vent all the unhappiness in your heart. This is also for your girlfriend’s safety considerations. After all, you have had a history of beating her. Well……

Dreaming about your girlfriend cheating

To dream of your girlfriend cheating indicates that you will be able to overcome difficulties in the future, and you will also get a good harvest from it, which is a good omen.

A single person dreams of his girlfriend cheating, indicating that there is not much volatility in love recently, and you can enjoy each other's love with peace of mind. On the other hand, you are more sensitive to finances, so you might as well be more generous and don't care about each other.

A businessman dreams that his girlfriend is cheating, which indicates that his wealth will continue to rise, he can use the help of others to obtain profit opportunities, and his entertainment expenses will also increase. However, if he can cope with the past, he should avoid following the trend in investment. It is a good sign to have a chance to earn money by accident.

The widowed divorced dreamed that his girlfriend cheated, indicating that he would travel a long distance soon, and would soon be new and happy on the way, which is a good sign.

Middle-aged and elderly people dream about their girlfriend cheating, indicating that the fortune is good, but they should not be slowed down because of this. Don't just hang around in happy places and cause bad luck or labor, but be careful of thieves.

Looking for a worker dreaming of your girlfriend cheating indicates that your job hunting fortune will go down, the other party will not give you a reply on time, or you may encounter a picky recruiter, you must be well-informed.

Dreaming that your girlfriend is cheating and still having sex indicates that you should review yourself first. It may be that your love is too selfish and narrow, and you don’t want your wife to contact friends of the opposite sex. I suggest that you should adjust your own. Attitude, you should treat it with a normal attitude, give the other party more trust and space, so as not to let yourself be too depressed.

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