Dreaming about lost car dream analysis

1. The image of the car

Bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles represent the valuable and precious fruits of labor and social status obtained through hard work and hard work.

2. Fear of losing the wealth gained, fear of suffering from poverty again

When I was young, the family's financial situation was not optimistic. As you start to work, accumulate experience, succeed in your career, and your economy improves step by step, your car will change from a bicycle to a motorcycle, and now a motorcycle becomes a car.

Bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles are all wealth that dreamers have obtained through hard work. They come from hard work, so they must pay attention to them, protect them, and worry about losing them.

Losing in a dream is a worry about property. Since we grew up in a poor environment when we were young, we are afraid of poverty in our hearts, so we are worried about the loss of property, which also reflects the fear of being poor again.

3. Fear of loss of energy and self-change

I have lost precious things and feel that I am losing a part of my life. Working hours are too long and the responsibility is too great. Therefore, it exhausts your self and your energy. As people grow older, they People’s self is also changing at the same time as people’s growth, and those lost cars also mean the changed self.

4. Fear of losing what you control

Does the loss of transportation make you feel that they are not under your control, or make you lose control? This includes your own age, your beauty, your work status and ability, and the performance of your hard work. Worry out.

Dream of Lost Car Dreamland Comment

Losing things in dreams, and looking for the lost things, on the one hand reflects that in reality, through unremitting efforts to obtain the wealth and status that oneself deserves, on the other hand, it is worried that the wealth and status gained by oneself are not well protected, and the loss has already been gained. At the same time, I am afraid that when I gain wealth and status, I will let myself lose more of my own things.

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